Jeff Weisinger

Blue-collar athlete. Blue-collar journalist.

Sports has been a big part of my life since I was 13. A little late, I agree. But before then, I was the definition of a “nerd.”

However, what sports has done for me goes further than just being able to meet cool people and play ball. It’s opened up doors that I never once would’ve thought would be available.

I’m Jeff Weisinger, a sports journalist and currently a grad student at the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, looking for an opportunity to tell great stories on and off the field in whichever medium possible.

As someone who’s had the opportunity to play sports at a fairly high level, I’ve been able to use the work ethic I learned as an athlete into my career now as a journalist. The network I have within sports has helped me so much in getting to this point.

My career, however, has never come easy – much like my time playing ball. I take such a pride in working hard and earning my own and that hasn’t changed as I’ve transitioned into sports writing. Throughout my college career, if I wanted to do sports journalism, I had to build it.

At Ohlone College in Fremont, I had to revive a fairly dormant sports section of the weekly newspaper. At The City College of New York, I had to rebuild what was a then-non-existent sports section, to one that’s flourishing now with its own website and print magazine titled BeaverBeat. At the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, without a proper sports journalism track, I’ve had to use the techniques that my professors have taught me and cover sports for outside publications like The Oakland Post, SBI Soccer and recently, amNewYork.

These challenges have taught me to be scrappy when it comes to being a sports journalist.

I’ve had so many people support me throughout this sports journalism journey and the one thing I want to do is prove them right.

Whoever gives me an opportunity will not regret it.